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    • 🧸 A Baby Shower that Everyone Remembers! Amaze Your Guests and Create Memories for the years to come. This 'All in 1' set will Save you Tons of Time and Money. It includes the gorgeous Teddy Bear Balloons Garland, 'Baby Boy’ Gold Glitter Banner, 4 x BABY Boxes, 12 x Teddy Bear Cutouts, and the necessary Accessories to assemble the decorations
    • 💙 The Teddy Bear Balloons Garland includes: 6 x 18inch Balloons (Brown, Blue, Cream), 30 x 12inch Balloons (Brown, Blue, Cream), 45 x 10inch Balloons (Brown, Blue, Cream), 30 x 5inch Balloons (Green, Beige, Brown, Orange), 5 x Gold Confetti Balloons. A Total of 116 Balloons!
    • 🧸 Baby Shower or Birthday Paper Decor: 1 x “Baby Boy” Gold Glitter Banner with 1 x Blue Glitter Teddy Bear, 12 x Adorable Teddy Bear Cutouts to decorate the Balloons Garland and the BABY Boxes.
    • 💙 The BABY Boxes include: 4 x Chic Chrome Gold Boxes (12inch x 12inch x 12inch). We have also included the necessary Tools for assembling the Balloons Garland: 16Ft Garland Strip, 32Ft Balloon String, 2 Wall Hooks, 1 Balloon Tie Tool
    • 🧸 Decorations, High Quality Materials, with No Odor. Order now! Get your Party in a Box that will Wipe Out Your Stress decorating the party. More than that, we Promise you will Enjoy the Preparation of the Event as much as its Celebration!
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    The Kit Includes

    🧸 BALLOONS GARLAND. Total of 129 Balloons:

     - Baby Boy Banner

     - 12 x Teddy Bear Cutouts

     - 6 x 18inch Balloons

     - 30 x 12inch Balloons

     - 45 x 10inch Balloons

     - 30 x 5inch Balloons

     - 5 x Gold Confetti Balloons


     - 4 x BABY Boxes: 12inch x 12inch x 12inch


     - 32FT Balloon String

     - Balloon Tie Tool

     - 16FT Garland Strip

     - 2 x Hooks

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